North Smithfield, Rhode Island

North Smithfield is a small town located in Rhode Island.  It has a population of 12,352 people and three constituent neighborhoods.

North Smithfield is the 27th largest community in Rhode Island.  It is neither predominantly white collar or blue collar.  It's a mixed workforce of both white and blue collar jobs; however it's important to note that housing costs in NS are among some of the highest in the nation.

     21% of North Smithfield High School youth report alcohol consumption in the past 30 days.

     24% of North Smithfield High School youth report smoking marijuana.

     8% of high school students report using prescription drugs not issued to them.

     5% of high school students report past 30 day tobacco use.

The strategies and activities implemented include community education, information dissemination, alternative youth activities through Students Against Destructive Decisions, Hidden in Plain Sight, Pick Your No's, monthly newsletter, prom/graduation speakers and Student Health 101 online magazine.

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