Burrillville, Rhode Island

The town of Burrillville occupies the northwest corner of Rhode Island, bordering Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Many of the villages developed and were named after the textile mills around town and most residents continue to identify their neighborhoods by these historic names.
The BPAC will offer a new scholarship in 2020 to a Burrillville High School graduate who has participated in one of two clubs that work in substance abuse prevention.  Read more....  http://nrinow.news/2020/01/16/bpac-to-offer-new-scholarship-to-burrillville-student-with-record-fighting-substance-abuse/ 


Project ALERT

Above the Influence


Needs Assessment:

Needs Assessment:
-Continue to increase the perception of harm for youths and adults in Burrillville regarding cigarette, alcohol, marijuana and prescription medications.
-Work to decrease bullying both in school and online among youths
-Educate youths and parents on stress reduction skills and techniques to improve mental health


Coordinator, Burrillville Prevention Action Coalition
Monica Blanchette started her journey in prevention as a high school Student Assistance Counselor with Rhode Island Student Assistance Services.  Since then, she became the coalition coordinator for the Burrillville Prevention Action Coalition, affectionately known as BPAC, and is the Substance Use Prevention Coordinator for the town of Burrillville.  Monica goes into the schools using evidence-based programs and creating presentations to help educate the youth, teachers, administration, and parents around brain development and the impact of substances on that development.  With the help of coalition members, she plans informational community events discussing various substances and their impact on an individual’s mental, physical, and social well-being, as well as the impact on the community.  Monica is also a licensed mental health counselor and a registered drama therapist.  For more information, please email Monica at mblanchette@burrillville.org.

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